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Coming Home

We are constantly expanding into a greater version of ourselves.  The problem we face sometimes is that we are not yet up to speed with who and what we have become, so physically we appear to be going through darkness.  It can feel very uncomfortable because negative feelings and thoughts arise as though we’ve gone backwards instead of forwards.

The new idea or dream for your life is born within you and immediately your inner being accepts and moves into that new idea of who you’ve become.  The law of attraction responds to the new you and brings all that you need to you easily and effortlessly.  It is a stream of well being.  The difficulty is our ability to get out of our own way.  We often resist what we have already internally become by our negative thoughts and doubts about ourselves—either hashing over our past failures or asking whether we are enough.  Can I really do this life I’ve dreamed of—can I really be that great?  When you resist, you experience the negative emotions.  When you don’t, you thrive.

If you stay in the present moment and quit resisting (worrying or thinking negative thoughts about the past or future), you will thrive.  Your inner being will bring you, through the law of attraction, all that you’ve asked for.  Things are supposed to work out for you!  It’s your job to keep up with your expansion by thinking thoughts that are positive and uplifting.

Make peace with where you are.  There is nothing to worry about or fret over.  The expanded version of you is always calling, so let go and let the swift current bring you home!  All is yours and you are welcome!

I willingly let go of all resistance and I come joyously home to myself.

Karen S. Wylie

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