The Art of Inspired Living


I Am Awake

With our attention focused on all the knowledge in our head, we no longer perceive the world through the eyes of love; we only perceive what we have learned to believe.
Don Miguel Ruiz, The Voice of Knowledge

It’s not just me.  It’s not just you.  It’s all of us together…black, brown, white, red, yellow…a kaleidoscope of color, always moving, ever changing…we, the people living here on earth.  At the most basic level, we are all the same though we do not want to believe it.

In our arrogance, we want to believe that we and our tribe are special and unique.  It’s impossible for most of us to recognize our sameness.  It’s impossible to imagine that the heart in each breathes and breaks over the same things.  It’s impossible for some of us to imagine that someone else, no matter the nationality or heritage, could possibly be dealing with the same exact trials and tribulations.

Perhaps it’s hard to imagine a world filled with love and acceptance when most of us don’t even love and accept ourselves.  Our expertise is in judgment—judging ourselves or others.  We don’t know the truth of our own divinity so it’s easy to judge ourselves or others as inadequate, unworthy and unlovable.  In our ignorance, we let our ego run amuck, our ego which is desperately trying to make us feel good about ourselves.  Oh my, what work we have to do on this planet, first to discover who we truly are at the deepest level and then collectively to be able to see our neighbors as ourselves.  It begins in you and me.  The healing of the lies we’ve told ourselves and the ones we’ve bought into as children.  

How do we begin again?  Turn off your cell phone and every other device coming from the outside world.  Find a comfortable place to sit quietly by yourself.  Take a deep dive inside yourself, quieting the monkey mind that is all about distraction.  Imagine a light in the center of your being, just focus your attention on that light which is God light.  Concentrate your attention there every day two or three times a day.  It is you communing with your divine center.  It is you waking up from the confusion and distraction of a crazy world.  

Make a habit of your self-contemplation.  You will begin to recognize that you are more than your flesh and bone body, that you can access the energy that has created everything and everyone on this planet.  You will begin to fall in love with the God within you.  You will ultimately realize there is nothing but love and you are indeed that love.

I’m willing to transcend my limited human perspective and see as God sees.

Rev. Karen Wylie