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Radiance Reappearing

Currently your natural energy flow is blocked by the samskaras in your lower energy centers.
Michael A. Singer, Living Untethered

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten…
Joel 2:25

Lately I feel as though I am in a PhD program for spiritual awakening. My past is appearing before me as never before. I now see how the beliefs I developed in the early years of my life (probably before the age of 5) have been determining the decisions I have made throughout my entire life. Those decisions were based on my belief that I was unsafe in this world and that it was up to me to make sure I would be safe for the rest of my life.

At first coming into touch with the reality of that life-long belief system and then looking at all the choices I made in my life over the years based on those beliefs made me very sad and regretful.

But as I sit with this new information and awaken to this reality, I’m seeing my life now and all my experiences and interactions with others in a whole new way. I ask myself, “Is what I’m feeling here based on an old belief system? Is an old story being repeated? What is truly triggering my discomfort? Is there something to fear here or am I just replaying an old tape?” I’m coming full circle back to the miracle when my spirit entered
my baby body—innocent and free, sweet and loving, trusting, adventurous and safe!

Most importantly, I realize now that there is no other. There is only me, being me, looking at me. There is only one. This I think is our whole purpose for being in this human body—that we may have the opportunity before we die to return to our innocence and experience heaven on this earth.

Welcome home!

I am made new!

Rev. Karen Wylie