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Becoming a Servant of Love

Love Yourself.
Gautama the Buddha

What I desire is to become a servant of love in its purity. That is, I wish to serve love in all its many facets.

Osho says much of our conversation around love involves feeling obligation, but real love is a nourishment; it strengthens the soul. It is nondemanding. It is given from a place of fullness, from a place of the radiant wholeness within.

In our culture, we throw the word around easily. We say we are in love when we barely know the meaning of the word. We confuse attraction for love. Real love is a sharing. It knows the joy of giving. One feels grateful to be able to give love. There is no expectation, just the joy of sharing from a very deep place. True love is nourishment for the soul. It gives you insight and understanding; it empowers you.

The very first step in love is to love yourself. Soon, you will want to share that love with others. Love is such a light that the darkness of the ego cannot exist in it at all. The inner light of love will dispel your inner darkness, your inner weakness. Love makes you a tremendous power, a spiritual force. Through great love you witness eternity. That kind of love never dies.

Don’t be afraid to love yourself. Love totally, and you will be surprised. The day you can get rid of all self-condemnation, self-disrespect—the day you can get rid of the idea of original sin, the day you can think of yourself as worthy and loved by existence—will be a day of great blessing.

Love is the natural evolution of a consciousness seeking to know itself. Socrates said: “A man who practices the mysteries of love will be in contact not with a reflection, but with truth itself.”

I open my life to the great love that resides within me!

Rev. Karen Wylie