The Art of Inspired Living


The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Learn to be at home in the universe. No more loneliness. No more sense of isolation. See God in everyone—the same God with a different face, the same animating principle with a different form, the same Divine Presence clothed in individual expression.
Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You

How about showing up this holiday season as love itself? To do that, you may have to let go of some pretty clear boundaries you’ve created to keep yourself from being hurt or disappointed. You may have to take a chance on love. We can always think of a good reason to withhold our love.

Maybe your motto this holiday season could be “I’m going to lead with love.” What’s the worst that can happen? You give it and you feel you don’t get anything back. You give it and it is unappreciated. You will survive.

Love is the last outpost of great living. Love heals everything, including your own heart. Love opens up avenues to forgiveness and understanding. We think we are very loving beings, but I think many of us are living with hearts that have been blocked by the pain and suffering of the past. As those places within our hearts have been blocked, it limits our ability to see the world as a safe and loving place. We begin to define our outer world and its parameters based upon our inner pain.

We can live in limitation until we die or we can choose to take a chance on love. We can decide that we don’t want to live the rest of our lives hiding out from ourselves. We can decide to open ourselves up to greater living.

So, without regard for what you are receiving, decide this holiday time to be a giver of life. Decide that you will be the one who brings the love, beauty and grace to every situation. You will be the one to shine the light wherever you are. You will be the instrument through which great healing happens. It will be your best holiday ever!

I live my life from the love that I am!

Rev. Karen Wylie