The Art of Inspired Living



The greatest habit you will ever break is the habit of being yourself, and the greatest habit you will ever create is the habit of expressing the divine through you.
Dr. Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

This month is special to me because I was first born in January. Today, I realize though that I’ve been born again and again. Each birth has made me a little wiser. It’s been an evolution of spirit, mind and body. Over the years, I’ve been more than willing to see where this evolution would take me. It has taken me to a very beautiful place in life, a place of peace, love and joy unlike anything I ever thought possible. Because I was willing, I have been carried by Spirit, guided and directed and loved unconditionally.

Each rebirth brought me closer to dissolving all the shame, blame, fears and doubts I have been harboring in mind for a lifetime. All that was never real to begin with, just a story I made up in my confusion to make sense of my world. I would have called myself a victim in the early part of my life, but I no longer see it that way. I have been “transformed by the renewing of my mind.” All events have brought me to the preciousness of this now moment.

Because I am only human, I know that what has been possible for me in this life’s journey is possible for others who are willing as well. We can spend a lifetime recounting and reliving our suffering or we can decide that we want to know what it’s like to experience Heaven on earth. It is a decision that one makes. What I know with certainty is that we are loved unconditionally by that Love Intelligence which created us, and It supports and sustains us in ways unimagined.

Living Heaven on earth is my choice for the rest of my life. I look to the mountaintop in faith and trust!

I live to express my divine nature in everything I do.

Rev. Karen Wylie