The Art of Inspired Living


You are Love Itself

There is a part of our being that is beyond the personal self. You can consciously choose to identify with that part, rather than with the psyche or the body. When you do this, a natural transformation begins to take place within you.
Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul

Ah, February—the month of love. I always thought I knew what love is. What a surprise to find out it is so much more than I thought. Most of the love I identified with was of a conditional kind. “I’ll love you if you do what I say or behave in the way I think you should.”

What a surprise to find another, deeper level of what we call love. It is becoming so aligned with our core being that we just exist as love without an agenda of getting anything. It requires becoming connected to that part of us that Michael Singer talks about. Through that connection, we find self-love, self-respect, and self-esteem, but not the arrogant, narcissistic kind. When you recognize that you are love, there is no urgency to seek it from outside of yourself.

Yet ironically, it then comes to you easily because you are no longer trying to get anything, and like attracts like. You are just being love, marinating in it, not seeking anything outside yourself. You are able to show up then as your best self—giving, loving, and seeing with such clarity where before you were blind.

It is painful to always be seeking something from the outer world, no matter what it is. As long as what you seek is coming from the outer world, there will never be enough. You will always be hungering for more. This month of love is a perfect time to fall in love with the self as never before. You are filled to overflowing with all the love and innate wisdom you need. Don’t waste any more time looking outside for what is already there. You are love!

I am the love I seek.

Rev. Karen Wylie