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Catalyst for Change

Spiritual growth exists in that moment when you are consciously willing to pay the price of freedom. You must be willing at all times, in all circumstances, to remain conscious in the face of pain and to work with your heart by relaxing and remaining open.
Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul

A powerful transformation is happening inside of me. I have met face to face a lifelong pain that has run my life since childhood. I had no idea its power over me. The catalyst was a young drug addicted woman. Through her, I have discovered a terrorized place inside of me that has affected my life for years.

I could run from it and allow it to determine the depth of my ability to love, or I could face it head on and free myself. I’m choosing freedom and now I exhale and feel the release in my heart.

Through so many realizations and changes that have happened to me in recent days, I have come to see that what appears to be chaos in the political climate of our country is truly the opportunity for deep, personal healing on this planet. The beings of light have called it forth so that the deep work that needs to happen individually and collectively can happen. Those in power don’t realize the gift they have brought. It is our opportunity to clear any space inside of us where we have harbored pain and suffering. This is the nature of the benevolence of Spirit! There is such love and support for us as we move in the direction of freedom.

Love will win because it is the most powerful force on the planet. Do not be afraid to face the fear within you that is seeking release. Now is the time. Your freedom is a heartbeat away. My powerful love supports you on your sacred journey home.

I release all fear and pain! My heart is free to love at full capacity!

Rev. Karen Wylie