The Art of Inspired Living



If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…
Rudyard Kipling

Sometimes when I tune into the news, it seems like the whole world has gone mad, and honestly, I feel a little fearful. Then I say to myself, “Well, it’s clear you need to meditate a little more…maybe even actually during the news hour.” It certainly seems that prayer would help also.

Then I have to remind myself that this is the world of appearances and there is a whole, rich, amazing life within me that has nothing to do with that. I remind myself that I live in paradise, that my needs are continually being met even before my asking. I have to remind myself that I’m so loved and cared for in a universe that is for me, never against me. I remind myself that I have powerful, unseen resources that provide for me and keep me safe, no matter what is going on in the outer world. I remind myself how much God loves me (and all of us), and that a great healing is taking place that we are all part of because we were born in this time and place. I remind myself how important it is for me to keep my consciousness high no matter the degree of insanity that shows up in the outer world.

Then I am soothed and once again I feel the empowerment that is so vitally alive within me. I feel my strength, my clarity, my focus, my conviction. I can see even in the darkness. I realize how very much I’m loved, and I remember the power of that love.

Nothing and no one can take from me the joy and happiness I felt yesterday morning as I watched the sun rising over the mountain into the red blazing sky. I’m alive and I’m free to believe in whatever I want to believe. I believe a new day is coming, filled with light and promise; and I choose to hang my hat on that!

Today I’m empowered in my understanding that I live in a friendly universe that is always providing for me!

In peace and love, Rev. Karen Wylie