The Art of Inspired Living



Our inner worlds interact with outer conditions to shape the world around us. We respond to external circumstances but we also create them.
Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

Well, it is clear from listening to the news that we, as individuals, have great work to do on the planet at this time. We like to point fingers at the guilty ones. We are sure it is them, not us, as we move into greater and greater separation. We would like to say it’s not my problem. It’s them. If they could only see my “right” point of view.

We don’t like to admit that we’ve been a part of creating the very circumstances we now witness. We don’t like to acknowledge in the deepest part of ourselves our own racism, our own dishonesty, and our own manipulation.

Well, now it has all surfaced so we can’t pretend it’s not there. It has surfaced so that we can do the great internal healing work on ourselves at an even deeper level. All healing in the outer world comes from our willingness to do our internal work. Why else would all this hatred and animosity be surfacing now? There is a connection between our inner world and our outer world. We now look closely at ourselves. Where have I withheld my love in the name of a difference of opinion? Where have I judged someone based on the way they look, talk or dress? Why do I lie to myself or others to get what I want?

Our inner world and the outer world are intimately connected and interdependent. Through our inner work, we create a great shift in the outer world we all share. It is not about fighting against anything. It is about doing your own healing work within to such a degree that you bring healing light to this planet, you bring love to this planet, you bring the transformation to this planet that is sorely needed at this time. Can one person make a difference? It has been shown over eons that yes, one person can make a difference. Let it be you.

The transformation and healing of my outer world begins within me.

Rev. Karen Wylie