The Art of Inspired Living


Staying Calm When the River’s Rising

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.
~ Lao-Tzu

Staying calm when the river’s rising—that’s the key. We live in a world of ups and downs and inside outs….births, deaths, illness and miracle healings, all happening simultaneously. This is the human condition. Our spiritual work does not make us immune from that. What it does do is make the living easier. It enables us to see the greater Truth when those around us cannot see it. It provides an inner strength and resilience that can and will weather any storm. It enables us to see infinite possibility when others see despair. It fortifies us in clear knowing when others are ready to give up. It reminds us of our loving compassionate nature when we are ready to give up. It calms us in the storm and sustains us in the peace.

Relying on Divine Spirit, we can stay calm when the river’s rising—that’s how we become a beneficial presence. It’s not about fighting against anything. It’s not about resisting anything. It’s about living from the inside out. It’s about living from the Divine Knower within. If I can see the good, I can help someone else see it. If I can believe in the healing, someone else can begin to believe it.

That’s our main job—to stay in our loving and it is not easy because we get triggered when someone does something or says something that touches an unhealed place inside of us. We do our spiritual work to heal those places so that we may stay anchored in truth no matter what is coming our way.

The river may rise, but I shall not be moved. I remember who I am and whose I am. Because of that, I can see you clearly too.

I trust myself completely to say and do the right thing. My heart is pure!

Karen Wylie