The Art of Inspired Living


Divine Resurrection

Man, by thinking, can bring into his experience whatever he desires—if he thinks correctly, and becomes a living embodiment of his thoughts.
~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, page 30

The great resurrection is happening within. We move into the becoming and we do it trusting that we are always expanding into the greater. It happens through our dedication to the inner work. We pray, we meditate, we study, we trust that there is a power greater than we are that loves us and supports us unfailingly. We strive to see the better, truer view in all our interactions. We strive to see the perfection even in the imperfections. We forgive because we can. Being in conflict with even one person strains our relations with everyone.

What we perceive as being outside of ourselves is really our own internal creation. Whatever happened yesterday or last year or forty years ago can be forgiven in an instant. Forgiveness is a choice and we can make it today. The absence of peace knows no bounds, and we are here to experience the great peace within, the great love within, the great wisdom within. We are here in this physical dimension to experience the Divine Resurrection into the light of our own being. That was the wonderful message Jesus gave to us. We can overcome all.

It’s our lesson to learn, and then practice, in every opportunity that’s available, acceptance of ourselves. When we do, we’ll begin to feel total acceptance of others too. When that happens, we are free in a whole new way. We live from the I AM, the Christ Presence within and we celebrate our oneness with everyone and everything.

Who I see is who I AM today!

Rev. Karen S. Wylie