The Art of Inspired Living


The Undefended Heart

As God’s beloved, I live in bliss knowing that my soul is never separated from Him, for I learn to know Her in all that I see.  God dissolved my mind, my separation.  I cannot describe now my intimacy with Him.
~ St. Teresa of Avila

Whatever the question, LOVE is the answer.  How can I see this situation beyond fear?  How can I live fearlessly?  How can I take the action I need to take and still stay in my loving?  The truth is you can.

It is in loving and honoring the Self that we become very clear about how to love and honor another.  It is not a place of weakness or selfishness, but rather a place of great power, clarity, integrity and intention.  It is YOU deciding you are tired of living with half a heart….tired of half-hearted actions and half-hearted words.  It is YOU stripped from the illusions of the story you’ve been telling about your life.  It is the magnificent YOU that has always been worthy and been enough.  It is YOU deciding to remove the blocks around your heart so you can actually breathe.  It is YOU in that very breath discovering that you have set yourself free in your willingness to live with an undefended heart.  Ah, the freedom!  It’s so simple.  I am here.  I am open and available.  I am clear.  I am undefended in my heart, yet ironically, the most powerful and fearless I’ve ever been.

So where are you?  Still protecting yourself from what?  Give it up.  It was never YOU.  It was never real.  No matter the question, LOVE is the only answer.  I love me and I love you (there is only ONE) and in that is my greatest power.  In that is my greatest freedom.  In that is my greatest joy.

I AM.  I AM all I need to be.

Rev. Karen Wylie