The Art of Inspired Living


One Year to Live

Most of us live half-unborn.
Stephen Levine, A Year to Live

This month is the month of my birth, and I am celebrating my own renewal.  It appears that I am in a constant state of renewal and expansion.  Stephen Levine’s words are powerful words spoken.  “Most of us live half-unborn.”  He says when people hear that they are dying, that something breaks free in them.  They no longer fear living—in fact, they begin to live as never before.  He suggests that we don’t have to get a prognosis of our imminent death to really begin living.  We can do it now.

As we enter this New Year of 2014, I suggest that we open up to our own great life as never before.  For all the things you’ve been putting off “until the right time,” the time is now.  I’m inviting you to soar in the year 2014.  Who would I be without my story?  Who would I be without the fear that’s been running my life?  Who would I be if I were to give my best to the world, and what untold joys might come back to me as a result?

We are here to sing our song, to love as we have never loved before, to dance as though no one is watching and to celebrate our existence here on this physical plane as though we did have only one year left.  We are not dying.  The truth is we are dying to live.  I say why not now?  Now is the perfect time to stretch your wings and fly!  The Source of all Life supports you in your own becoming!

The utter joy of living and loving fearlessly is awaiting your willingness to step into it.  If we do that, this year can become the Happiest New Year of all!

I joyously celebrate my own becoming!  I am fearless in my living!

Rev. Karen Wylie