The Art of Inspired Living


Gratitude as a Way of Life

Thanksgiving is one of the highest forms of prayer.
~ Emmet Fox

Every day I thank God for all I’ve been given and every day, more comes to me. That is because gratitude is an open and receptive state of being. The vibration is high and the vision is sharp. The world is a more beautiful place because I’m in a more beautiful place.

As I move into another great expression in my life…..always more, never less…..I realize that in this life I’m always moving from one blessing to another. No matter what circumstance we are in, there is a blessing in it when we chose to see it that way. Maybe it is an opportunity to learn something more about ourselves that we could not possibly have learned any other way.

The great joy is the awareness that we are constantly being guided and directed to exactly the next right thing for us to do. Sometimes it takes great courage to take the leap but when we do, we are rewarded mightily. A greater expression unfolds within us of light, love, peace and joy. Suddenly we realize that the place we were standing before was absolutely necessary for us to step into this greater expression.

This is the nature of our spiritual journey on the planet…..constant evolution, constant growth, becoming more like our True Self all the time. Ultimately, we see through the eyes of Love and witness it everywhere because Love is who we are.

So in this beautiful month devoted to gratitude, may you experience your life’s journey as one great ongoing blessing and be thankful for it!

I boldly and courageously move into the next expression of my life knowing that I’m becoming more, never less. Love shows Its face as me and I am grateful!

Rev. Karen Wylie