The Art of Inspired Living


Tolerance and Acceptance

If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships—the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together in the same world at peace.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Most of us don’t even love and accept ourselves.  How then can we be expected to tolerate and accept another?  That defensive posture keeps the wolves at bay in your own consciousness.  As long as I point the finger at something outside of myself, I don’t have to look at my own life and the choices I’ve made.  I can focus on who and what is wrong out there in the world around me.  The focus is off me!  Hallelujah!

Why do we love to think we are right while making someone else wrong?  What would be the motivation for that?  In truth, we are really waging a war against ourselves.  At the deepest level, we are unsatisfied, disappointed and feel betrayed in our humanness.  It seems everybody else got there’s, but I did not get mine—whatever mine is.

It doesn’t occur to us for a moment that we are master of our own fate.  It is so much easier to blame someone else for what we are lacking.  Here is the truth.  You have been given everything you need to live a great life NOW.  It is not about the past or what you think you will not get in the future.  It’s about realizing that right now you have everything you need to live a joy-filled, passionate, prosperous life.  It requires a change in your thinking from lack and limitation to infinite possibility.  

It’s not about anyone else.  This is an inward journey, finding that place within you of divine creativity, that place of self-acceptance and peace of mind.  It’s there for all of us—no matter what we’ve experienced in this lifetime. 

When we are self-realized, we no longer have the need to judge another or make war outside of ourselves.  True self-acceptance and self-love create the space for tolerance and acceptance of others.  Most of us have work to do to create the kind of world Roosevelt speaks of in the above quote, but I believe in us and our human potential to love and be loved.

I am love itself and I see that love everywhere!

Rev. Karen Wylie