The Art of Inspired Living


I am life itself!

Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.
Lao Tzu

All my life I have believed in an entity that I called God, an entity that would look out for me and keep me safe—an anthropomorphic-like being outside myself.  In my mind, this God always seemed to have human qualities that I could relate to and identify with which were “good.”  Now I realize God is really an energy, a positive flow of ease and grace and goodness.  This God energy is for life and never against it.

I believe that throughout time humans have needed the assurance of a God, sort of a human life-like being who would lead us out of the darkness into the light.  There are Gods all over the world called by different names and worshipped by different people.  I think as humans we have needed to believe in something outside of ourselves…some kind of leader, a God that would help us get out of the darkness into the light.

What an awakening to discover that my humanlike God is really a powerful energy force with which I have become so aligned.  In letting go of my resistance and my feelings of separation (judgment, fear and doubt), I find myself in love with life and everything all around me.  I find myself wanting to be free of resistance to what is.  Things flow to me with the simple thought in mind of what I want.  My only job seems to be to get out of the way of the divine flow of the universe. 

I now know that what I have called God is truly within me.  The power is within me.  It is not an arrogant thing because in the realization of something so vast, so good and so life giving, I am truly humbled.  I will continue to call this life force…this powerful energy…God because that is easy for me, but I now know that God is not outside of me.  God is the fire and energy within me.  What is true for me is true for all of us all over the world, no matter where we come from or the color of our skin.  It only remains for each of us to discover this great truth for ourselves.  That is our holy purpose in this human flesh.  

As I let go of my judgments, my arrogance, my past disillusionments, I am set free to be.  I am in love with life and all that is.  I trust the universe and my place within it. 

All I can say is hallelujah!

Hallelujah!  I am home!

Rev. Karen Wylie