The Art of Inspired Living


Resurrection into the Light

…Behold I make all things new…
Holy Bible, Rev. 21:5

Easter, A celebration of life! What a joyous time of year to claim your freedom. Freedom from what you say? Freedom from all your doubts and fears. Freedom from your own limiting illusions about who you are and what you are here to do. Freedom from the blocks around your heart that have kept you from giving and receiving all the love you’ve come in physical form to experience. Now is the perfect time to relinquish it all!

All the thoughts and beliefs you’ve held about yourself…that you are not good enough or worthy of a great life…can be dissolved in an instant! “Behold, I make all things new.” How much longer do you want to keep telling the same negative story about your life? How much more time do you want to waste bemoaning your situation instead of experiencing the heaven on earth that you came here to experience?

In the letting go of all the negativity, a new and glorious life awaits you. You deserve to be happy and filled with joy! I know without a doubt that there is a Love Intelligence that has created everything, and It is in love with Its creation. When we are awake to It, and when, in faith and trust, we move into the flow of It, It supports and sustains us in ways unimagined.

We did not come here in physical form to suffer. We are here to experience joy, peace and love. Don’t waste another day. A great example has already been set by the greatest teacher of all. It is time to resurrect yourself from the darkness into the light! Happy Easter!

I freely release all negative beliefs that no longer serve me! In great joy, I accept and receive my good!

Rev. Karen Wylie