The Art of Inspired Living


Triumph of Spirit

Every man is a doorway through which the infinite passes into the finite, through which God becomes man, through which the Universal becomes individual.

You can make the choice today to create the life of your dreams. The very first step is to believe it’s possible. It necessitates dissolving a lifetime of false ideas and beliefs about you. You have to remove the mental blocks that stand between you and your divine destiny.

What a relief it is to let go of the mental striving. We are constantly pinching off our good. The good we seek has been here and available all the time but we have been so caught up in following our ego’s recipe for success.

You are here to develop a real relationship with the Love Intelligence that governs the universe. (I would call it God, but the word “God” has been so misused.) It is falling in love with that which you cannot see, knowing without question that It is always for you, never against you. There is a place within you that aligns with It, is fueled by It, informed by It, sourced by It, sustained by It. It is that place within you of pure joy, pure love, perfect peace and perfect harmony. It is the way in which God enters your very being. It is the Christ Presence within you. The kingdom of heaven literally comes to earth through you.

You experience it in your daily life—more love, more joy, more compassion. You are in constant companionship with the greatest lover of all. In your beautiful surrender, you have never known such love, such beauty, such clarity, such peace, such power and freedom.

This is your divine destiny, that which you came to earth to experience. It is alike to all for the great God of our existence plays no favorites.

I am willing to experience heaven on earth. I surrender everything!

Rev. Karen Wylie