The Art of Inspired Living


My Own Shall Come to Me

My own shall find me. No matter where I go, it will follow and claim me.
Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, pg. 535

Suffer not, my Beloveds. As you dive deep into your own soul, your own shall come to you. It is not about struggle and trying to make something happen. The promise is that your good is already there, awaiting your willingness to receive it. Your work is internal—in fact, it is a willingness to surrender your egoic strivings. The ego gets in the way of your perfect surrender—your relinquishment into Spirit.

Your good was prepared for you from the beginning. You hold it off in your striving to see it. By moving inward into the sweetness of your own divine self, you come to a clear realization of your connection and oneness with that which created everything. Through your complete willingness to take that inward journey to “be still and know that I am God in the midst of you,” something shifts. Then and only then, do you realize that everything you’ve always desired is already present. You are in the flow.

You cannot think yourself into this experience. It is necessary that you be willing to surrender control, which for many of us is not easy because we have used control as a mechanism to keep ourselves safe in what we perceived to be an unsafe world. In the quiet as you disengage from the mind, you bask in a love that you have never known before and you release the resistance created by your own striving. You give up trying to make something happen and right then, Heaven appears on earth and you have come home to freedom. This is a promise.

Welcome home Beloveds! May your days be filled with incomparable love, peace and harmony!

I let go of my resistance, my need to get it right. I dive deep into the holy presence where unconditional love awaits me and I am reborn.

Rev. Karen Wylie