The Art of Inspired Living


To Each His Own

It is for us to realize that as we begin to take care of God’s business…giving and receiving love…our earthly business is handled.
Karen S. Wylie, Into Me See, A Book for Daily Inspiration

Your good is not in someone else’s driveway, or in someone else’s home or on someone else’s arm. Furthermore, there is enough to go around. There is not a scarcity. It is given to you as you believe. That is the promise. What do you honestly believe about your life and what is possible for you? That is the question of the day. You either believe that you can have a great life filled with the peace, love and joy you’ve imagined or you don’t.

We are great at kidding ourselves, creating lists of what we’d like to have in our lives while at the same time, living in fear that we’ll never have it. We have to stop kidding ourselves and begin to do the real work of delving into the source of those negative beliefs that have kept us in bondage for our whole lives.

The question is, “Who am I beneath all this fear that I’ll never realize my dreams?” Where have I bought into the notion that I am not deserving, that someone else is smarter, more attractive, and more capable than I am; and hence, that I will always fall short of the good I’m seeking?

Here is the truth. You are so loved by that which created you. Beneath all your fears that you are not worthy is a consciousness within you that knows your connection to Spirit, that knows you can live the life of your dreams. That part of you knows exactly what to do and how to do it for your self-realization.

This earthly experience is exciting because you get to feel and sense the material world, but there is nothing better than to experience it from a consciousness of knowing and truly realizing the Christ Presence within. Love, peace and joy are the instruments through which you taste the thrill of living in this material world. Life is thrilling and safe and beautiful; and it is for you, never against you!

Today I release my fear, knowing the Universal Presence supports me completely!

Rev. Karen Wylie