The Art of Inspired Living



We become conscious of darkness only when we are without faith—for faith is ever the light of our day and the light on our way, making that way clearly visible to us, even when to all others it may be beset with obstacles and the ongoing rough.
Ernest Holmes

In the process of our individual spiritual growth and evolution, our shadow aspects come forward to be healed and dissolved into the light, which is the very nature of God. This happens on an individual basis and now I see it happening on a global level. How do we find peace in the midst of this crazy, unsavory world of appearances? We could say the world has gone nuts or we could say all this is happening for a reason.

In order for the evolution of love and light on this planet, everything unlike it must come to the surface to be dissolved. Our daily news is filled with stories of racism, sexism, intolerance, greed, abuse of power, and abuse of all kinds. Whether you like our President or not, he has been, and continues to be, an amazing catalyst for change—not only in our own country but also throughout the world. People are waking up, asking themselves, what matters to me? What are my values? What do I believe in? What am I willing to fight for? THE POT HAS BEEN STIRRED.

The fact is all this negativity and separation has been present for a long time, fomenting beneath the surface. We can see it now for what it is and that is the beginning of major healing on the planet.

It is for us to remain faith-filled, full of the belief in a new day, filled with the vision of peace, love and prosperity for all. It is for us to see the global transformation taking place right now on this planet. Yes, it’s messy but we are here to see beyond appearances. This is the nature of our spiritual journey on the planet…constant evolution, constant growth, becoming more like our True Self all the time. Ultimately, we see through the eyes of Love and witness it everywhere because Love is who we are.

Today I reach out with Love. I send Love to people everywhere.

Rev. Karen Wylie