The Art of Inspired Living


Taking a Risk

Man is limited by nothing but his own thinking, by his mental ability to conceive.
Ernest Holmes, Creative Mind

When I was 21, my friend who was a poetry-reading dreamer said to me, “Let’s quit our jobs, sell our cars and travel all over Europe.” We really had no significant money and though we had the means to get there, we had no plan for getting home. Even though I was a very practical young lady having been raised by parents of limited means who had been through the Depression, miraculously I said, “Yes!” That decision made at 21 years of age changed my life forever. We traveled in ten countries for six months and somehow our needs were constantly met.

Because of that early experience and my willingness to step out of the limited parameters that defined me at the time, my life changed forever. My horizons expanded. I had a new belief in myself and what was possible for my life. I never again saw myself in the same way.

We are constantly faced with life-changing decisions. Sometimes we have to step out in faith believing if we really want to experience Heaven on Earth. Otherwise we are the ones limiting the possibility for our lives—no one else. Many of us live within the confined boundaries of our own making. We are afraid to take a risk…afraid to really live. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon your point of view, only you can know what is seeking to emerge in you.

The good news is when you are in alignment with your true nature as a spiritual being, you are guided, directed and supported by a Supreme Intelligence that loves you unconditionally. Of this, you can be sure.

I am available and respond to Divine Inspiration. The truth of my being is revealed now.

Rev. Karen Wylie