The Art of Inspired Living



Behold, I make all things new.
Rev. 21:5

The beauty of life is that in each and every moment, we can begin again. Today has no power over tomorrow unless you will it to be so. You can decide in an instant that you are willing to write a new script for your life. You can decide that the way you’ve been living, the choices you’ve been making no longer serve you. You can decide to start living the life you’ve desired. You are in charge of your own destiny.

Sometimes we think we are trapped, that our life experiences are out of our hands, that we are victims of circumstance. Most of us truly do have choice, but we find it easier to stay stuck rather than take a chance on the unknown.

Actually, life is all about daring to make different life-affirming choices. The potential for everything we need is already present within us, so it is not about acquiring something from without. It is about clearing the way, forgiving and letting go of the past, including all your supposed failures and mistakes, all the ways you feel you’ve been betrayed and abused, and your feelings of unworthiness, and then stepping out in perfect faith and trust. It’s really time to let go.

This is a brand new year filled with infinite possibility. If you knew how much you are loved by that which created you, you would fear nothing! Decide today that you are sick and tired of your half-lived life. Decide today that you are tired of making excuses and blaming someone else for why your life isn’t working. Decide today to make this year the best year ever. You will be so supported by the Universe that it will surprise and delight you. It’s time to claim the powerful, precious life you were born to live! Happy New Year! Happy New You!

I courageously celebrate my new beginning!

Rev. Karen Wylie