The Art of Inspired Living


Becoming a Scholar of Love

Pierce through all your illusions and you will discover you are only love.
Deepak Chopra

In the beginning there is only LOVE, before the ego and the thinking mind. As we manifest into this physical realm, we forget the all-embracing experience of love. Then the duality is born…the rising of the little “i” and the feeling of separateness. In our human walk, that feeling of separateness births the experience of fear.

Our purpose here on this spiritual journey is to remember our origins, the source, our authentic selves, what we always have been and what we always will be. And in that remembrance there is no duality. In that remembrance there is only the energy and the high vibration of unconditional love. In duality, love comes and goes; in unity, there is only love. We return to our essential nature, knowing there is nothing to fight against or to resist. We become swallowed up in the knowing of our oneness and union with all.

The experience of transformation is reverential because we finally come to the awareness that we are made of pure Spirit, that beauty is what we see everywhere because we are looking through the eyes of love. We want only to love and be loved. We let go of our fear of the unknown because everything is known in the mind of God. We are powerful in our knowing. Spirit is within us; we can rest in the awareness that we are the Beloved. Love flows to us easily because love is all we are. All our needs are met and the miracles show up everywhere.

I have become a scholar of love! I’m learning to love myself exactly as I am and because of that, I’m not afraid to love you. The care, love and support I receive is infinite.

I willingly let go of false beliefs and limited ideas about myself.
I embrace all the power and wisdom that lies within me!
My life is filled with divine light!

Rev. Karen Wylie