The Art of Inspired Living


Forever Grateful

Thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.
Holy Bible, Psalm 18:28

This morning’s readings brought me to consider the suffering some of us have experienced as part of this human journey. My heart opened wide as I thought about the healing that happens when we realize that in the midst of all that, we are so loved and cared for by that which created us. There is potential then for great forgiveness and understanding.

Yes, there is suffering but also there is enormous love and guidance for each of us as we weather and rise from the darkness and despair. That is what I’m so grateful for this day and every day. When our desire for something different and better is strong, we are ushered from the darkness into the light by a great force of goodness within us. The journey awakens us in a way we could never have reached otherwise. We look back on our suffering as the way, the truth and the life.

The suffering is over but we are brought to a place of compassion, understanding and forgiveness that we could not have attained otherwise. There is the power within us to rise from the ashes, to create a better life. When we recognize that power and choose it, there is no negative force that can stop our spiritual evolution. That’s how powerful the Love Intelligence is that governs this universe.

The same nature and characteristics of God are within us. When we choose to live from this understanding, we are powerful beyond measure. We are then lifted into the light; darkness disappears. Love will be our compass and will light our way.

How grateful I am to have chosen the light. How grateful I am for all my experiences—good and bad—which have shaped my becoming! How grateful I am to be living as love itself, waking into the light every day.

God is my rock, my salvation. I choose to live from the love and light within me. I am filled with thanksgiving!

Rev. Karen Wylie