The Art of Inspired Living


In the Flow

…all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
Holy Bible, Matthew 28:18

Most of us are adrift. We are not using our God-given talents. We are not allowing the wind to fill our sails. Have you ever seen a sailboat going at full speed? It is surging ahead in the dynamic flow of nature. If you are not sure whether you want to go right or left, you just lie there in the doldrums, your sail luffing, going nowhere fast.

We are like the sailboat. We need to get on course, head for our dreams and desires and quit getting in our own way with all our mind chatter about why it won’t work out. We need to trust the dynamic flow. Life is filled with course corrections, just as it is in sailing. Too much to the left and we stall; too much to the right and we may even turn completely around, going backwards instead of forward. But when you trim those sails just right, you move through the water, nothing stopping you, having access to all the innate, unlimited power of the universe.

It’s exhilarating getting out of your own way. What’s exhausting is sitting there in the doldrums with your sails flapping as you are trying to figure everything out, to make something happen because you are pretty sure you have to do it all yourself—you have to know the “how,” not just the “what.”

Just know the “what,” set your sails and get your little mind out of the way. Look around you, enjoy the beauty everywhere and see your goal in the distance. You are soon flying; you get there before you know it.

Life is like sailing. Sometimes we do get a little stuck, but there is always that perfect flow of nature that is for us, never against us. We want to get in harmony with it and ride, baby, ride!

I set my sails for love, peace, joy, freedom and prosperity, and I ride, baby, ride!

Rev. Karen Wylie