The Art of Inspired Living



But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
James 1:22

Every time we interact with another, we are giving Spirit another opportunity to know itself, to love itself and to nurture itself. Those around us are here to help us learn, and the closer they are to us, the more courageous the possibility of our intimacy with them.

Do I dare reveal my true self to this one who appears to love me so completely? The more I can speak my truth from the loving place within me, the greater our intimacy grows. Nothing is there then to come between us; no negative thoughts are hidden. There is no secret agenda, no confusion, and we have an opportunity then to show up fully alive, fully clear and present, fully available to the love and joy which is our essential nature.

This is the greatest gift of all—to learn to be courageously intimate with the self and all others. This is true freedom. This is not easily attained—one has to have a certain level of self-awareness, but this is the gift that comes with self-awareness. We are no longer interested in our private trysts with separation—even from the one we’ve been married to for years.

We want to come out of hiding and we can do that because we’ve come to a level of self-love and self-appreciation that we can dare to be ourselves. We have fallen in love with the part of ourselves which is the very Spirit of Love within. It is that love that we wish to share with the world and those eyes we wish to look through in our seeing what’s before us.

Being me—now that is true freedom! The love grows within and expands out into the world, and I walk in clarity and courageous intimacy. I am free to be the fullness of who I am!

I walk in the light and love of God, courageously intimate with myself and all others!

Rev. Karen Wylie