The Art of Inspired Living


Love Everlasting

In my soul there is a temple, a shrine, a mosque, a church that dissolve, that dissolve in God.

I am here in the midst of you though you may never have felt my presence.  I am the beginning, the middle and the end of your life’s story.  The sooner you acquaint yourself with me, the sooner you will find the joy, peace and harmony you seek, the sooner you will tap into your own deep dynamic creative power.

We often look for our good outside of ourselves, thinking that changing our job, our mate or where we live will bring us the happiness we seek.  In fact, some of us become great manifesters without any real connection to the Love of God within.  We create good things in our lives but they are not lasting—they are temporary fixes.  We can’t understand why we always find ourselves dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

Instead of playing on the surface of life, playing games with relationships, money and other material things, why not devote this new year to getting real, to discovering who you truly are as Love Itself.  Sit in the stillness long enough to develop a relationship with yourself, decide to have a loving relationship with your own inner being.  Discover the God within.  Discover that what you’ve been seeking has been here all along.  You’ve just been too busy looking elsewhere to realize it.

Dive deep Dear Ones.  The greatest Love you’ve ever known is not on Facebook or on your favorite dating site; it’s right where you are!  All that you desire is within….so close, so near.  It’s waiting for you to realize It’s presence.

I let go of my resistance and dive deep into the Love that I am.

Rev. Karen Wylie