The Art of Inspired Living


The Fire Inside – Let Freedom Ring!

The light cannot be borrowed from another. Each has been furnished with a divine torch whose wick burns from the oil of the eternal and ever renewing substance of faith in oneself and in others.
Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

There is a fire inside of us. It is a flame of creativity and infinite possibility seeking to ignite. Once it ignites, you are set free in a way impossible to imagine in our moderate life of living and dying. Most of us exist under a blanket of fear—the kind of fear that tells us we are not good enough or that we better watch out or “all Hell will break loose.”

If we willingly keep our eye single upon God, continuing in our pursuit to “know thyself,” we step into a life that is uniquely ours. No one else is here to do our life the way we came here in physical form to do it. Only we can do it the way our destiny has proclaimed. It is our natural state of being—so easy, so effortless, so perfect in every way. Once we accept and love ourselves, our heart softens and we can see differently. We accept ourselves, and we accept others as well. We are no longer fighting against being big or being small; the shoe fits so we wear it.

The flame is pure passion. It is pure joy. It is pure love. It is acceptance and allowing. It is glorious and filled with grace. The flame is the unspoken within us that is no longer afraid to speak and to love. It is the creator of miracles. It is the real you, unencumbered by the fear of living and loving and even dying. It is compassion and beauty of all kinds, wisdom and truth, and joy unbounded.

That is the nature of the flame within you. It has been there since the beginning of time. It is seeking all that you have desired and it is ready now to be fully ignited, to be seen and heard. Happy Fourth of July!

I am set aflame with love, joy and happiness! I have everything I need!

Rev. Karen Wylie