The Art of Inspired Living


Living from the Light Within

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Antagonize any situation and you give it power against yourself; offer mental nonresistance and it crumbles away in front of you.
Emmet Fox

I’m so grateful! The more I clean up my interior landscape, the more beautiful the world around me. The more I heal the places of darkness inside of me, the more light I perceive everywhere. The more I can see the goodness in someone even when they are behaving poorly; and the more I can forgive what I now perceive as the ignorance of another, rather than their real intention to hurt me. As I clean up all that negative stuff inside myself—the shame, blame, guilt, fear, anger—you name it, the more beautiful the world and all that is in it!

I had no idea that everything outside of myself would become so wonderful just because I cleaned my own house, but I will tell you, my joy is unbounded, and it is with me on a pretty regular basis. My ego stays in check. I’m not too concerned what you think of me because I love you so much, what you think of me doesn’t matter.

I’m so grateful to wake up every morning fully present to the beauty all around me. I don’t have to figure everything out; the spirit within me is in charge and knows exactly what to do and when. What I’m most happy about is that after all the years of spiritual work, this walking in the light is becoming rather habitual. I’m grateful to see beyond the world of appearance, to choose love over judgment of others or myself and to know that all is well no matter what story my little mind might try to conjure up.

It feels good to love God this much—to know that I (we all) live in a loving, benevolent universe, and our needs are met completely!

I behold the God within me and I am set free to love unconditionally.

Rev. Karen Wylie