The Art of Inspired Living


The Greatest Love of All

Love is the perfect stillness and the greatest excitement, and most profound act, and the word almost as complete as His name.

I used to think my purpose for being was to find the right guy, land the perfect job, own the finest home, and certainly make a ton of money.

Now surprisingly I find that the whole purpose of this life long journey of mine has been to realize the Love—the Christ Presence—within me. From that, everything else unfolds. Nothing else can bring the lasting satisfaction of living with the inner awareness of who I truly am. The realization of the Love within somehow provides the means to access everything else in an easy and effortless way, and the fear we live with, which is subtle and not so subtle, dissipates. If we are constantly striving for things outside of ourselves, there is an underlying fear of what will happen to us if we don’t get the things. What we discover in time is that this profound Love will trump fear in every instance.

When we approach life from the outside in, we will constantly be disappointed in our attainment. It will never be enough. It’s only enough when you are filled up inside. The amazing grace of it all is how God, the Universal Oneness, supplies the means to this end for our desired self-discovery. Where, by your will, you wish to know it, it shall be revealed to you. Nothing is held back from the true seeker.

In the end then, one feels great gratitude for the generosity and givingness of Divine Spirit, which ultimately turns out to be the generosity and givingness of the Christ Presence within you!

I rest in perfect peace in the love I am.

Rev. Karen Wylie