The Art of Inspired Living


A Reason and a Season for All Things

Be a light unto yourself.
~ The Buddha

Have you ever considered that everyone who comes into your life is there for a reason? When we begin to see everyone as the teacher we’ve been waiting for, it sheds a whole new light on our experience. Ah….we can say this one, or this experience, is here to teach me something about myself. It doesn’t mean we won’t feel the barbs, attack and insults, but it gives us a whole new perspective. What am I to learn about myself in the face of this situation? What does the insult I feel tell me about myself? It doesn’t mean I won’t feel the hurt inside myself, but it is the great gift given to me in order that I might learn my next great lesson. Believe it or not, this person or experience is here to help me on my journey to awakening to the divine essence and the love within me.

Nothing and no one has the power to control us or destroy us. We may resist the lessons we are here to learn; it takes us whatever season it takes to learn the lesson, but it gives us another way of seeing a situation. Gratefully, in addition, our new perspective automatically brings us back into our own power. We learn to be more detached from the particulars of the situation and able then to focus on healing that part of us that has been in the dark for so long.

This is the nature of this loving universe in which we live—always giving us exactly what we need at exactly the right time. I am so grateful for all my teachers throughout my life who have helped remind me of the truth of my being!

I will accept today’s journey as the one I’m ready for. I will make a contribution on behalf of love today.

Karen S. Wylie