The Art of Inspired Living


Live for Now

Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to…the flow of life. The only place where you can experience the flow of life is in the Now, so to surrender is to accept the present moment unconditionally and without reservation.
~ Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

Do you understand that you are never done? You never get it done! So rest and enjoy the journey. That, more than any other awareness, will bring you back to living each precious moment in the Now. There is no end goal, so breathe and relax. Take a look around you and really see where you are and whom you are with. What are you waiting for? It is here now. You are a living theology. Sometimes we become as goal-oriented about our spiritual work as we are about our jobs or other areas of our lives, but the time to smell the roses is right now.

We spend so much of our time either regretting the past or preparing for the future. We are imprisoned by our own faulty thinking. The past is no more; it is over. Today is a brand new day that truly has nothing to do with the past in terms of how you choose to live your life right now. And the future either may never come or won’t come in the way you’ve planned, so give it up and start living today. It is just a choice away. It is so much easier to live for Now, to take care of the business at hand today, to be fully present in each moment. What a gift you then bring to the world and to yourself.

There is nothing more wonderful than to be seen and heard or to really see and hear another. All the pressure is off and what remains is devotion to the moment at hand. You are then truly God’s precious servant in every breath you take; so right now, stop, breathe and love.

God is my life! I am filled with delight! I shall not be moved from my devotion! I am richly blessed and a rich blessing!

Rev. Karen S. Wylie